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‘Terror is anti-humanity’

Bharat’s strategic independence was displayed while it rejected Hamas terror on Israel but extended support to free, viable Palestine with a message to friends & foes alike K.A.Badarinath Strategic independence has been the key to Bharat’s foreign policy formulation while engaging with global powers. And, furthering Bharat’s offensive and defensive interests is primacy to this …

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Is it outright ignorance?

Western media\’s refusal to acknowledge India\’s Progress and transformative changes should be brought to closer scrutiny. K.A.Badarinath / Neha Dahiya Why’s it that several Western media editors are anti-India in their stance? Many media friends from Western world are either outright ignorant, pursue an editorial line given by their top management or oblivious to transformative …

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IAMC: A US-Based Islamist Disinformation Factory

 Rohan Giri / New Delhi Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), formerly known as Indian Muslim Council (IMC USA), is a US-based organisation that is in the news for supposedly advancing the interests of Indian Muslims in America. The organisation\’s mandate states that its goal is to safeguard India\’s pluralism, tolerance, and respect for human rights, …

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Depressed Subgroups Under Notified Indian Minorities

 Rohan Giri / New Delhi Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, and Zoroastrians (Parsis) are among the five religious groups or sects that are granted minority religion status under the Indian Constitution. These designated Indian minorities do, however, contain depressed subgroups that experience prejudice on a daily basis from their own community members. This report reflects on …

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