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Fresh Set of Challenges for Modi 3.0

Fresh Set of Challenges for Modi 3.0

Khalistanis, Naxalites, Kashmiri subversives gaining legitimacy in Parliament demands fresh thinking and strategy K.A.Badarinath As Bharat’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi readies to take reins at centre for a third consecutive term, challenges, known and unknown may have to be dealt with on priority basis. Commentators of every hue and shade have written copiously on Prime …

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Think Different, Do Differently

Think Different, Do Differently

Modi 3.0 may have to extricate itself from incremental expansion of on-going projects, if it were to lead Bharat to exalted developed nation status K.A.Badarinath Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to form a government for record third term in a row with comfortable majority after a tumultuous eight-week long Lok Sabha elections campaign. While …

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What’s Ailing Foreign Media in India?

What’s Ailing Foreign Media in India?

Is it lack of press freedom? Or, limited skills sets to report from a large, diverse country like Bharat that has bowled them over? K.A.Badarinath Why’s it that global media operating in Bharat is acerbic? Being bitter or sour on substantive work issues is understandable given that Bharat may look complex for many of them. …

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Do we have a Robust Alternative to Electoral Bonds?

If bonds scheme was struck down to end opacity in political funding, will SC, HC judges declare assets annually to ring in transparency? K.A.Badarinath Electoral bonds have been demonised. Bond purchasers, donors to political parties and all elected representatives have been thrashed in the process. After Supreme Court struck down electoral bonds scheme what followed …

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Technology Paradox!

Manipulation in technology becomes an effective tool with terrorists, fraudsters and dictates political conversations posing fresh challenges to humanity K.A.Badarinath Technology works weirdly. Human mind behind evolving technologies globally is all the more weird. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a call to undertake research in areas of technology, innovation and development to further socio-economic …

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Five Big Ideas to Make Bharat a Developed Nation by 2047

K.A.Badarinath Niti Aayog in consultation with stakeholders has been readying a vision document for Bharat to evolve as a developed country in 25 years from now. This document is expected to be unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 90 days from now. Bharat celebrates 100-years as an independent nation in 2047 free from clutches …

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Unite to Lead by Example

RSS message of unity transcending caste, creed, gender, region and faiths will strengthen Bharat’s social fabric, signal global leadership role K.A.Badarinath ‘Reconciliation, security and peace’ are what Hindu centric Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak, Mohan Bhagawat articulated while delivering his annual Vijay Dashami speech at the organization’s headquarters in Nagpur. This is at variance with …

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Chinese Puppetry on Show!

Probing charges of money laundering, peddling of Chinese propaganda by NewsClick is not suppression of press freedom  K.A.Badarinath Noise on suppression of press freedom and free speech has not yet reached a crescendo. This noise has just begun in India with Left parties, their frontal organizations and anti-Modi political alliance partners going for the kill. …

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Sanatan Dharma is a Way of Life

Where are the limits to this culture of ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, exhilarating mode of realised, liberated being Oopalee Operajita Rahul Gandhi’s recent article on Hinduism/Sanatan Dharma (“Satyam Shivam Sundaram”, Indian Express, October 1) is, tragically, largely based on fear. In the first paragraph alone he uses “fear” and “frightening” multiple times. Why would anyone want to …

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