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Technology Paradox!

Manipulation in technology becomes an effective tool with terrorists, fraudsters and dictates political conversations posing fresh challenges to humanity


Technology works weirdly. Human mind behind evolving technologies globally is all the more weird.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a call to undertake research in areas of technology, innovation and development to further socio-economic progress, there were sneers and jeers especially the cynics.


Reports appearing in media seek to underline significance of reorienting technology and scientific research to further Bharat’s development and economic prosperity.

But, instances of technology manipulation have shaken Bharat’s conscience. Mahdev app is one of several fraudulent platforms that crept into the system and helped the crooks launder money, betting by vulnerable people, spread corrupt practices and bankroll political parties. About 22 such apps and websites were either restricted or banned completely by Bharat’s government this Sunday.

Reports quoting Enforcement Directorate documents suggest that Rs 508 crore was paid to Chattisgarh chief minister Bhupesh Baghel as kickbacks for facilitating technology driven betting apparently managed and manipulated from Dubai. These funds were to support campaign of Indian National Congress fighting anti-incumbency in legislative assembly elections.

Promoting corrupt practices through the instrument of technology is what has come to fore. Weird brains behind crafted technology platforms to further betting and entice vulnerable people with promise of big money may require closer scrutiny.

Making conscious attempt to hoodwink law enforcement agencies by harvesting technology to ‘rob’ people of their hard earned money need to be recognized by ‘evolved societies’ that push for big technology foray.

It’s not just technology driven software programmed betting apps that wreaked havoc on gullible people in Bharat as was the case with Mahadev App that was largely operated and managed from Dubai by its promoters and were hand in glove with Bhupesh Bhagel government’s bigwigs and ruling party bosses in the state.

At a meeting of Thinkers Forum in Karnataka, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently pointed to technology driven apps that were used by fraudsters and speculators to work up or pull down specifistocks, investment instruments apart from drumming up support as well as marketing Ponzi schemes. Genuine investors and savings of hard working people were bound to be lost to unscrupulous elements that manipulated technology to perpetuate financial crimes.

Recent cash for questions scam being investigated by an ethics committee of Parliament also have a similar narrative. The accused Member of Parliament from opposition, Trinamool Congress Mahua Moitra apparently passed on her official mail login and passwords to corporate houses.

Mail ID of this jet-setting MP were used and abused by corporate houses to steer Parliamentary discussions on issues that possibly relate to them. Dubai was the favourite destination for this MP from where her mail ID was logged in over 45 times by alleged handlers. A sweep of servers access and technology interface for this mail ID revealed the way she operated in conjunction with her corporate masters from whom she reportedly received expensive gifts and unlimited hospitality.

Quick spread of artificial intelligence will not only disrupt Bharat’s society like any others, increase in financial crimes driven by technology is a foregone conclusion. Unprecedented advances in computer vision, languages processing, robotics have only complicated the world of money. Fraudsters are bound to have a hay day given issues relating to safety, accountability and transparency of technology driven, artificial intelligence propelled processes that govern the world of finance, banking, insurance, pension funds and markets.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had recently compared dealing with artificial intelligence to emergence of internet or electricity several decades earlier. Rishi Sunak is right when he says that artificial intelligence brought with it fears that’s unparalleled in history of human evolution.

Apart from large scale frauds, artificial intelligence and other cutting edge technologies have also brought fears of cyber-attacks, disinformation and it was an effective tool in hands of criminals and terrorists.

Though the Bletchley declaration boasted of 29 countries including China and European Union being signatories to an alliance on artificial intelligence, there were enough naysayers especially the technology honchos of Meta and Tesla variety.

From simple financial frauds to dictating political conversations, technology has emerged as the biggest threat in the hands of lumpen elements , terror mongers of every shade, variety & religious denomination apart from human disruptors.

Moulding technology for human welfare, progress and development, spread of prosperity is the biggest challenge.

(author is Director and Chief Executive of New Delhi based non-partisan think tank, Centre for Integrated and Holistic Studies)

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  1. Yes it is frightening to know what all artificial intelligence is capable of doing in antisocial and anti-national hands. We should all be alert about the harmful effects of the same and need of the hour is devising a counter measure for all the ill-effects that AI can cause.

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