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Out to Conquer!

Playing right, pursuing human centre policy framework with strategic independence will help Bharat regain its exalted status post G-20! K.A.Badarinath When Walter Russell Mead pointed to emergence of India as a world power after last week’s tremendously successful G-20 summit held under her Presidency, there were enough sneers and jeers from within the country. The …

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Bharat pulls it off

As G-20 President, Bharat achieved the impossible with New Delhi declaration, exclusive economic corridor to rival China, bio-fuel alliance & African Union induction to push for Global South. K.A.Badarinath                Off late, the moniker ‘Global South’ resonated in these parts of the world with Bharat pushing for thrust on developing and least developed countries hitherto grouped …

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Panch tatva philosophy to guide India’s G-20 Presidency

Push for partnerships, hope, harmony and healing. Decisive leadership voices policy against war, conflicts and confrontation Narendra Modi Today, India commences its G20 Presidency. The previous 17 Presidencies of the G20 delivered significant results — for ensuring macro-economic stability, rationalising international taxation, relieving debt-burden on countries, among many other outcomes. We will benefit from these …

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India to assume G-20 Presidency on Thursday

On Thursday, India will take formal charge of G-20 as President from Indonesia amidst several challenges faced internationally especially terrorism, radicalization and recession staring in the face across Europe, Covid 19 virus and challenge to President Xi Jingping’s leadership in China apart from unending war in Ukraine. India brings to table a lot of value …

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