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Does ‘The Guardian’ understand Hindu way of life?

Making intolerable, unsustainable charges of caste bias on Hindus in UK, US or elsewhere is untenable. Get your facts right!

UK based ‘The Guardian’ editorial board has made a completely flawed off the mark comment on caste related issues in India.


In the edition dated April 17, 2023, titled, \”\’Caste is anti-Asian hate\’: the activists fighting \’less visible\’ discrimination in the US\”, written by Claire Wang, shows a fabricated story of Thenmozhi Soundararajan.

The comment centres around Soundararajan and a few others like her. Families of these individuals seem to have go through caste based discrimination purportedly for being dalits.

For the moment, none may want to even question the facts narrated by these individuals that formed an organization in New York infamously known as Equality Labs. These individuals and the organization brand themselves as staunch believers of Babasaheb Ambedkar and were low caste Hindus.

Equality labs branded itself as an organization that undertakes community research, cultural and political organising, popular education and digital security. In practice, it disproportionately spews venum on the very concept of ‘Hindu dharma’, sanatan way of living and instigating most Americans against minority Hindus.

Personal grouses of few individuals that had difficult past has been trumped up as a community issue of low caste Hindus in India and elsewhere in the world especially US through Equality Labs.

For Instance, Thenmozhi was a University of California Berkeley student who purportedly was tramautised by her teacher. Well, there’s no documentary evidence or veracity of her story is unknown. But, she’s taken upon herself to paint all Hindus with a Demonic brush which has conveniently been propagated by ‘The Guardian’.

Unlike Thenmozhi and her gang, Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar never attempted or discussed demonisation of Hindus or Hindutva. In contrast, Ambedkar consistently advocated for equal rights for everyone, regardless of gender, caste, colour, or religion. For ‘Dharmic’ practitioners, discrimination of every kind is anathema as Hindus believe in an all inclusive and just society.

Political director of Equality Labs is neither a Dalit or a Hindu. Sharmin Hossain, originally from Bangladesh, tweeted about  the need to demolish Hindutva citing rampant dominant caste bias.

Self proclaimed Dalit activists in reality do not want California school children to study contributions of Hindu sages from low castes as part of World History. Otherwise, there’s no plausible reason for Thenmozhi and her friends to campaign for removal of Dalits contributions from world history books. 

She allied with groups such as the South Asian Faculty Group (SAFG), which opposed inclusion of sages like Valmiki, Ravidasa, and Vyasa that have low caste origins in the text books way back in 2016.

On November 7, 2017, she was found provoking and harassing Dalit, Bahujan and other Hindu American children as well asa parents gathered for a public hearing in the California Department of Education (CDE) in Sacramento.  Eventually, she was removed from the building by police and security staff for an hour.

This group also lobbied with several entities or individuals to prejudice their nefarious agenda. For example, Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had once stoked a placard that read, \’Smash Brahminical Patriarchy\’. This action fuelled the anti-Hindu debate, and unsurprisingly that poster was designed by Thenmozhi Soundararajan. In reality, neither Dorsey had an inkling of what he was standing for nor Soundararajan.

Falsification and manipulation by Thenmozhi didn\’t stop here. During the organised Farmer\’s Protest or Citizenship Amendment Act of India, Equality Labs, led by Thenmozhi manipulated information and pretended to be a victim. However, Thenmozhi and her self-identified Dalit community were never a discussion point in the protests that were centred around agriculture reforms and price issues.

On Seattle City Council resolution relating to trumped up caste discrimination issues, First Hindu and Indian State Senator of Ohio, Niraj Antani, said, \”I condemn in the strongest terms the ordinance passed by the Seattle City Council. Caste discrimination simply doesn\’t exist now.”

“Adding it to their non-discrimination policy is Hinduphobic and is a tool for those who are anti-Hindu to use to discriminate against Hindus in America, India, and around the world. Instead of passing this racist policy, Seattle should be passing policies to protect Hindus from discrimination, \” Niraj Antani added.

On April 10, 2023, the California Civil Rights Department voluntarily dismissed a case against Cisco systems engineers Sundsar Iyer and Ramana Kompella who were victims of false allegations of caste based discrimination for the past three years. Iyer and Kompella were blatantly targeted because of their Hindu identities.

Equality Labs promotes a narrative against Hindus citing upper-caste and Brahmins which is potentially dangerous, particularly given recent events in America and in India wherein, misinformation has lead to violent attacks on Hindus. For instance, the organisation has linked Hindu festivals like Holi to Hindu fascism and Brahmin dominance. Hindus and Hinduism is not exclusivist and its known for inclusivity.

Equality Labs has been accused of supporting the Pakistani deep state-funded \”free Kashmir\” campaign and labelling Delhi riots, where the majority of victims were Hindus, as an \”anti-Muslim pogrom.\”

Equality lab allied with radically anti-Hindu groups and participates in conferences like Dismantling Global Hindutva which perpetuates Hindu hatred and Anti-India agenda. It constantly looks for an opportunity to denigrate India and promote Hindu hatred using run of the mill speeches and activities from business interactions.

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