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NYT breaks bread with terror supporters, spreads mischievous, malicious & fictitious propaganda on press freedom in Kashmir

Zero tolerance to violence, subversion or terrorism has been the steadfast policy of Indian Government across her provinces including Union Territory of Kashmir which is non-negotiable.


Past governments to an extent and the Narendra Modi-led regime in particular have implemented this policy in letter and spirit.

Ignoring the sovereign right of a lawfully elected Government’s right to frame its policies towards terror, its handlers and supporters, The New York Times has provided its space to Anuradha Bhasin, executive editor of The Kashmir Times that worked in geometrically opposite ways.

“Modi’s final assault on press freedom has begun” published as guest essay in opinion pages of The New York Times edition of March 8, 2023 is proof of this new found sweet heart ties between terror supporters and the American media establishment against India and her government.

Bhasin, notorious for having peddled misinformation in the Kashmir valley lending support to subversives that were part of Pakistan’s K2 – Khalistan & Kashmir project – has the gumption to question Narendra Modi government and India’s commitment to press freedom.

The New York Times seems to have fallen into the trap of anti-India forces campaigning globally to derail its famed growth and development story that’s beyond blemish.

The Kashmir Times founder editor Ved Bhasin’s proclivity with terrorists supported, abetted and financed by Pakistan’s dirty tricks department, Security Establishment and ISI are known beyond doubt.

Having supported terrorism and anti-India forces, today Anuradha Bhasin seems to be crying wolf on suppression of press freedom. If that was true, her write up that’s a figment of fertile imagination would not have been read, seen or viewed in India or elsewhere.

Hence, her arguments are either flawed, erroneous or driving a pre-set agenda based narrative in the international media networks. The New York Times seems to have become a willing partner in this ‘fake-narrative’ push. In later part of her write up, Anuradha Bhasin admits to proliferation of media outlets in Kashmir. If repression were to be true, how do media flourish or expand in any part of the globe?

Citing tax surveys on BBC to derive support to her argument again is laughable. Neither BBC’s operations have been restricted nor their reporting teams restricted. All that India stated was asking the British Broadcaster set up through an act of British Parliament to adhere to Indian rules and regulations. If press freedom was a threat, then how’s it that more than 300 active foreign and Indian scribes work for global media organizations?

India has well established judicial system, policing and independent media apart from the executive as well as the democratic institutions that have defined the country’s governance structure in a federal format.

First fallacy peddled by Anuradha Bhasin – who in person, family and her media empire benefited from the previous governments’ largesse – that Article 370 was abruptly withdrawn. Modi’s party, BJP election manifesto clearly outlined its policy of zero tolerance towards foreign funded terror groups of all hues and shades, their handlers and supporters. The elected government in 2014 went about to implement its agenda as people’s mandate that include abrogation of article 370.

Intermittent internet shut downs is a common grouse of a few people in the Kashmir valley so much so the terror groups, their handlers and financing hands. Most of stone pelting, violence incidents have happened via the messaging apps generously used by Pakistani establishment. None can dispute the fact that internet connectivity improved and grassroots democratic process has begun to take shape ignoring violence, bids to subvert Kashmir and disintegrate the Kashmiri society.

Making charges that Indian government forced judiciary to bend backwards or supressed press freedom has any basis or true.

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