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NCCM & WSO Exposed: Unmasking their biased and misleading RSS Report

The joint report by the NCCM and WSO titled \”Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Network in Canada\” is a poorly executed attempt to push a malicious agenda of misinformation and opinion-based claims. The report appears to be driven by individuals and entities with an anti-India, anti-Hindu, and anti-RSS agenda in Canada. It is clear that the report\’s objective is to further public opinion-building exercises that promote anti-Hindu and anti-India rhetoric, rather than providing facts and credible evidence in front of the average Canadian.By making baseless accusations against the Hindus and RSS, the report puts the security and well-being of thousands of people of Indian origin at risk in Canada. It also attempts to silence the voices of Hindu-centric organisations that do not share the views of the NCCM and WSO. This report only serves to promote Hinduphobia and could lead to the normalisation of the persecution of Hindus in Canada. It is essential to demand answers from NCCM and WSO as reports that are based on bias, misinformation, and opinion can cause real harm by promoting harmful stereotypes and dividing communities. Only by seeking facts and objectivity can we create a more equitable and just society for all.

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