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Brief: Qaumi Insaaf Morcha Protests

The Qaumi Insaaf Morcha has been stationed near the Mohali Chandigarh border since January 7, 2023, in order to raise the issue of Sikh political prisoners who have purportedly fulfilled their sentences but are still incarcerated. The majority of detainees are Sikhs who were imprisoned during the 1980s and 1990s when Pakistan backed terrorism in Punjab was at its peak. The Qaumi Insaaf Morcha called for the nationwide release of all Sikh inmates as one of its demands. Other protestors, some armed with swords were also called in gradually by the group including select ed Nihang Sikhs. The protests eventually grew violent and the violent protesters attacked police officers who had been called to the scene for the maintenance of law and order. As per police statements, tractors were used to dismantle the barriers by the protestors.

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