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Canada Turns Breeding Ground for Khalistani Subversives!

Hindus were attacked in Mississauga during Diwali celebrations. Slogan mongering & sword wielding Khalistanis led these attacks.

Canada seems to be going bonkers on tackling the malice of a distinct minority as well as vocal Sikhs that profess Khalistan.

While peace-loving large community of Sikhs living in  Canada have contributed to its prosperity and progress, the minority Khalistani faction seems to be the ones that are on rampage.

And, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government seems bending backwards to support this miniscule number that made hue and cry of a Khalistani referendum staged farcically.

In India and elsewhere, overwhelmingly Sikh community has found peace with their inclusion in the larger Hindu society. But, in last few years, the extremist elements that supported and fuelled terror in the Indian border state have been pushing the Khalistani envelope.

What’s more worrying is the diabolical stance taken by successive Canadian Prime Ministers on tackling this vociferous and aggressive minority sikh fringe elements.

Calls for putting a stop to the farce of Khalistan referendum have gone on deaf ears. Instead, the Canadian government has taken the line that it cannot stop Sikhs from expressing their views as long as the process was peaceful, democratic and within parameters of Canadian laws.

Under no circumstance would the ordinary Canadians support a separatist movement of any kind. While India has already banned Khalistani propagating outfits, Canada should follow suit rather than looking the other way.

Frequent attacks on Hindu population, their property and places of worship by these subversives are symptomatic of the malice brewing in Canadian society.

By no stretch of imagination would such acts be endorsed in the guise of free speech. Global community will have to join hands in debunking both the Khalistanis and their handlers in the Canadian government.

If the Trudeau government is committed to rule of law, peace and tranquility in Canada and India, strong bilateral relations across gamut of issues, then it should come forward with a complete ban on scheduled November 6 farcical referendum on Khalistan.

By same measure, can India allow its land to be used for a bogus referendum or vote on Ontario being part of Canadian Republic?

Indian government’s recent demarche to the Justin Trudeau-led Canadian government to put a stop to the alleged Khalistan referendum is more than justified and as per international laws of jurisprudence.

Ahead of the alleged Khalistani vote, Hindus were attacked in Mississauga city on October 24 evening during Diwali celebrations.

Slogan mongering and sword wielding Khalistani supporters executed pre-mediated violent attacks periodically.

For instance, the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Park in Brampton was vandalized with local government twiddling its thumb. Majority sikh population in India and Canada have never supported the Pakistan-backed Khalistani separatist elements.


On September 18, banned outfit Sikh for Justice (SFJ) staged yet another farcical vote on Khalistan. In apparent solidarity with these subversive elements, Trudeau administration provided the government-run Gore Meadows Community Center in Brampton for the misdeed. 

The small fringe group in Canada that supports Khalistan uses radical rhetoric to foment anti-India sentiment. It is deeply disturbing that the management of most Gurdwaras in Canada have not been with community that believes in its tenth guru, Gurunanak who himself was a great peacenik.

Before the September 14 vote, Khalistani terrorists defaced the Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan (BAPS) temple in Toronto with anti-India slogans, i.e., ‘Khalistan Zindabad, Hindustan Murdabad’. The temple walls were vandalized and protests from Indian High Commission in Ottawa went unheard or responded to.

In recent past Khalistani extremists have had targeted Hindu temples repeatedly. Six Hindu temples were attacked in Toronto also in a bid to divide the Hindus and Sikhs that have co-existed and prospered peacefully in India and world over.

Miscreants stole money from donation boxes, vandalized the idols of Gods and Goddesses, damaged temple property as well as ornaments from the stolen idols. Canadian Hindus were legitimately concerned and living under a cloud of fear while the federal government looked away.

Time and again, Khalistani radicals and Pakistanis targeted non-Muslims and non-Sikhs. Attacks on properties and temples of Hindus are evidence that Hinduphobia is on the rise in Canada. Hindus are utterly appalled by the Trudeau government’s approach and police failure to take decisive action against the radical elements. 

In November 2021, National Investigation Agency (NIA) in India had formally requested its Canadian counterparts to designate Sikhs for Justice as a terrorist outfit. Instead of banning the outfit, SFJ was given a free run and government assistance thrown in to help the separatists. In the process, Canada has openly shielded and protected anti-India propagandists and entities. 

Unfortunately, Liberal Party of Canada of Justin Trudeau has long supported the extreme Khalistani elements. It is believed that some of his party\’s politicians were close to Khalistani sympathizers and activists. It is reported that Sukh Dhaliwal and Andrew Kania, two Liberal MPs, presented a petition in the House of Commons in 2010 demanding that the government recognize 1984 Sikh riots in India as an act of genocide.

In a private motion in Ontario assembly in 2017, Liberal Party member Harinder Malhi referred to 1984 riots as acts of genocide. In 2018, a couple of Canadian politicians happened to participate in the Khalsa Day Parade. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended this event in 2017.

Canadian government seems to knowingly entertain the idea of Khalistan under the leadership of Trudeau. In the process, Canada has become a breeding ground for Pakistan-backed Khalistanis. Time and again, they challenged sovereignty of India while Canada ignored global call to refrain them. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau\’s inaction showed that he has had explicitly or implicitly supported the attacks on the sovereignty of another nation.

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