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State of Religious Minorities in India

Indian minorities are at the forefront of socio-economic development of the nation. The Indian government has set up a separate ministry named the Ministry of Minority Affairs to work for the all round growth of minorities. The ministry designs and implements schemes and programs for their welfare. The Constitution of India recognises six religious minorities in India, which are, Muslims, Parsis, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Christians, which constitute around 20 percent of the Indian population (Census 2011). Indian government and those at the state level have invested consider able resources in the upliftment of minorities, however, their efforts get sidelined by narratives that are propagated by divisive forces. Hence, an in-depth analysis based on evidence and data provided by the government and other relevant authorities becomes crucial. This report presents an overview of the efforts of the government and its agencies in the development and welfare of Indian minori-ties. Read More…

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