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Big Expose on Islamist Disinformation Network: Case Against UK-IMC

This investigative report shines a light on sprawling network of Islamist disinformation within the United Kingdom. Focusing on organizations and individuals that masquerade as advocacy, educational or charity groups, this study details how these entities are not just disseminating manipulated narratives but intricately connected in a system designed to mislead the British public about issues concerning Bharat and in particular Hindus around the world.

Central to our investigation is the role of UK-IMC, an entity within this network that purports to champion Muslim interests. Our analysis reveals that its activities extend far beyond advocacy, steering into the realm of misinformation and anti-Hindu, anti-India rhetoric.

The report explores strategic dissemination channels employed by these groups that are crafted to foster divisions and propagate biased agenda against Hindus and India. Through this exposé, we aim to unravel the deceptive tactics and highlight the need for vigilance and informed understanding among British populace and the world about such agenda driven Islamist disinformation organizations.

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