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Americans Roll Out the Red Carpet for PM Modi

Rahul Pawa | @imrahulpawa

Prime Minister Modi\’s visit is expected to reinforce the Indo-US ties, which are firmly anchored in the shared values of democracy, diversity, and freedom. As both nations confront common global challenges, their collaboration continues to strengthen, fostering a promising future.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi\’s ongoing four day state visit to the United States has ignited a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement. Since the Prime Minister Modi\’s arrival in New York yesterday to a resplendent reception accorded by a vibrant Indian American  community in New York has amplified the fervour surrounding the visit, infusing it with an electric atmosphere, captivated people\’s attention and setting the stage for a series of remarkable moments that have captured imaginations. One such moment that has sparked global enthusiasm was when the worlds richest man, Elon Musk expressed “I am a fan of Modi,” adding to the allure of this momentous occasion. Furthermore, the resplendent reception bestowed upon the Prime Minister Modi by the Indian community in New York has only served to intensify the fervent atmosphere surrounding this momentous occasion. During this sojourn, Prime Minister Modi engage in meaningful discussions with luminous figures, such as Ray Dalio, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Robert Thurman, and Paul Romer, thereby augmenting the already heightened sense of excitement enveloping the visit. The convergence of these extraordinary minds has served to heighten the anticipation surrounding the visit, augmenting its significance and stimulating intellectual discourse. During these interactions, Prime Minister Modi also engaged in comprehensive discussions encompassing policy-making, emerging trends, and accentuated the positive transformations transpiring within India with think-tanks, experts, and leaders in their fields. He emphasised the nation\’s progress and sought to explore avenues for further advancements, deliberated on augmenting healthcare capacities within India, delved into strategies to fortify the education sector. Such focused dialogues reflect the Indian Prime Minister Modi\’s commitment to enhancing key areas of societal development. In his maiden state visit to the US, Prime Minister Modi\’s gracious reception by the American people and the invitation extended by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden testify to the deepening significance of the India-US partnership within today\’s dynamic global landscape. As geopolitical shifts, emerging threats, and shared concerns shape this era, this historic visit places a strong emphasis on fostering cooperation across critical domains. At the same time, showcases India\’s rising global stature under Prime Minister Modi and  his positive transformative role in world affairs. Despite having visited the US on six occasions since assuming office in 2014 and engaging with three US presidents—Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden—this state visit holds a special place for Prime Minister Modi. State visits are typically reserved for heads of state, not heads of government, making this invitation by the Biden\’s an extraordinary honour that highlights the charisma and allure the Prime Minister  Modi commands.


The visit will commence with PM Modi leading the International Day of Yoga celebration at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on June 21. Yoga, an ancient Indian tradition that has become a global phenomenon, serves as a unifying force, fostering compassion and well-being. Its holistic approach, benefiting billions worldwide, brings people together and promotes a balanced mind, body, and soul. This celebration will highlight India\’s rich cultural heritage and its profound contributions to the world. In addition to the UN event, PM Modi will engage with business leaders in New York to explore opportunities for enhancing the Indo-US trade and investment relationship while fortifying global supply chains. Recognising the pivotal role played by the Indian-American community in fostering bilateral ties, PM Modi will also meet with the vibrant diaspora at the Ronald Reagan Centre. This interaction will showcase the Indian diaspora\’s achievements and contributions to both Indian and American societies, further strengthening people-to-people linkages.

The visit\’s agenda includes crucial bilateral discussions, delegation-level talks, and press statements, paving the way for significant announcements. On June 22, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will host PM Modi at a grand state dinner, an exquisite display of American hospitality. The state dinner, meticulously planned by the White House, marks the pinnacle of the state visit and offers an opportunity for the leaders to deepen their personal bonding and understanding. PM Modi\’s itinerary also encompasses a momentous address to the Joint Session of the U.S. Congress on June 22. With a history of bipartisan support for India-US relations, the US Congress serves as a significant platform for PM Modi to share his vision for the future of the partnership. Notably, he will become the first Indian leader to address the US Congress twice, an esteemed recognition that places him alongside revered global leaders like Nelson Mandela.

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi\’s momentous state visit to the United States on the horizon, the invitation extended by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden serves as a powerful testament to the growing significance of the India-US partnership in our ever-evolving global landscape. This visit represents a wide-ranging collaboration, from strengthening defense ties to fostering advancements in healthcare, technology, and environmental sustainability. Anchored in the shared values of democracy, diversity, and freedom, the Indo-US ties are poised to be reinforced as both nations confront common global challenges. Through high-level engagements, strategic dialogues, and enthusiastic participation from various sectors, Prime Minister Modi\’s state visit promises to leave a lasting impact on the bilateral relationship, opening new avenues for cooperation which  would shape global order.

(author is an international criminal lawyer and director of research at New Delhi based think tank Centre for Integrated and Holistic Studies)

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