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Corrupt Pak Army General, rudderless security establishment

Qamar Bajwa turned billionaire in six years

On November 29, 2016, General Qamar Bajwa took charge as Pakistan’s sixteenth chief of Army staff (COAS), succeeding General Raheel Sharif. Within six years of being Army chief, Bajwa’s family became a billionaire, with assets and businesses within Pakistan and outside accumulated of Pakistani rupees 12.7 billion translates to $56.5 million.


Prior to his appointment as a COAS, his wife, Ayesha Amjad, was not even a taxpayer but owned three properties worth Pakistani rupees 70 lakhs. Currently, Ayesha Amjad is a multi-billionaire with large farmhouses in Gulberg Greens Islamabad and Karachi, multiple residential plots in Lahore, commercial plots and plazas under Defence Housing Authority schemes, with over half a million dollars in US accounts. his daughter-in-law Mahnoor Sabir was declared zero assets in October 2018, and just a week before her marriage on November 02, 2018, the assets touches one billion Pakistani rupees.


Similarly, Bajwa’s close friend and other family members’ assets jumped to billions, but this is not shocking as Bajwa is Pakistan’s COAS, and Pakistan Army holds the country’s political, economic, social and criminal wealth.

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