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Let’s Take Bharat to Pinnacle of Its Glory

Dr Mohan Bhagawat

On August 15, Bharat will complete 75 years of Independence. Amrit Mahotsav programmes are already being organised to commemorate the occasion.

We are in a festive mood; it does not mean we have resolved all our problems. Some old issues are still pending and a few new ones are emerging. Despite this, the joy of Amrit Mahotsav celebration is natural and justified.

After many centuries, on August 15, 1947, we regained the right to self-governance. The period of colonisation was long and so was the battle for Swaraj. The Bharatiya society fought against foreign rule in a comprehensive, all-pervasive fashion. All sections of the society contributed to the cause as per their ability.


Along with various armed and unarmed movements, social awakening started about the evils that turned out to be obstacles in the path of attaining our freedom.

Due to these comprehensive efforts, we attained a position to self-govern on August 15, 1947. After sending off the British rulers, we took reins of the country\’s administration to run it as per our will, as per our choice, by our very own people. Hence, the enthusiastic celebratory mood around Amrit Mahotsav is obvious and appropriate.

This is also an opportunity to revisit the known and lesser-known stories of struggles and sacrifices made by people from various sections of society. (Many such events are mentioned in the folklore). The character, devotion and inspiration of our freedom fighters that led to the complete sacrifice of everything to protect the interests of fellow nationals can be the guiding force for us.

At the same time, we should remember our objectives, resolves, responsibilities and equip ourselves to fulfil them by quickly getting into action.

Why does a country need Swarajya or self-rule? Can good governance under some foreign rule allow us to realise our national objectives? The answer is ‘NO’. The expression of ‘Swa’ (selfhood) is natural aspiration of each individual and nation; this very urge becomes the inspiration for Independence. Hence, human beings can experience Su-Rajya only where there is Swa-Rajya.

As Swami Vivekananda said, each nation evolves and exists to make a certain contribution to the world. Such a role can be played only by an independent country. Therefore, being independent and capable is a precondition for a country to fulfil its destined role.

Several great leaders have also explained the purpose of Bharat’s Independence. Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore, through his famous poem, \’चित्त जेथा  भयशून्य, उन्नत जतो शिर\’ (Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high), explained the expected environment in independent Bharat.

Mahatma Gandhi, through ‘Hind-Swaraj’, elaborated on his ideas of free Bharat. Veer Savarkar in his epic poem dedicated to Swatantrya Devi, the Goddess of Independence, envisioned that she would bring excellence, nobility and progress. Dr B R Ambedkar, while presenting draft Constitution to the Constituent Assembly articulated the purpose of Independence and our duties to realise the same. 

Along with Amrit Mahotsava celebrations, we should introspect on a few questions: What is the content of ‘Swa’ (selfhood) that will fulfil the purpose of our national Independence? What would be the nature of our power on the global stage? How to prepare the society for our global role? We need a churning and absolute clarity on the eternal ideals of Bharat and its contemporary manifestation. This was the driving force behind our freedom struggle till 1947.  

Bharat has a distinctive message to the world based on experiments, experience and truth, reflected in eternal vision, thinking, culture and action, which is comprehensive, integral and inclusive. Here, diversity is not seen as differences but as the expression of same unity. For being one, one need not be the same. The mind-set of painting everyone in the same colour leads to uprooting and discord. An unconditional affection, standing firm on our fundamentals and still respecting the uniqueness of others is the only way to organise our society in one thread.

Our motherland is the common factor that binds us. Our eternal culture gives us the wisdom of being erudite, benevolent and compassionate towards each other. It also teaches us how to purify – our minds and the environment around us. Since times immemorial, our common, brave and ethical forefathers guided us to adopt the right path. We should utilise this treasure, with its own peculiarities, but minus the narrow selfish and divisive interests.  We need to consider national interest as the sole foundation of all our actions. We have no option but to organise the entire society on these lines. 

Besides social awakening, each of us needs to present exemplary conduct to get rid of the evils that infected our society over the period – whether discriminations based on caste, region, language and sect or petty selfish interests arising out of material or social aspirations. Only an egalitarian and exploitation-free society can garner the strength to protect its freedom.   

Some forces, internally and externally, are indulging in instigation and division through confusion created in the society for their petty interests. The alert, organised and powerful society does not give space or shelter such elements.

There have been certain essential preconditions for success of a democratic system: 1. the ability of citizens to find synergy between national interest, merit of the candidate and ideology of the party and 2. basic knowledge and natural habit of following the laws, Constitution and civic discipline. However, erosion caused in these fundamental values due to political gimmicks is before us. 

People are losing control over their tongue to score brownie points in a debate. In Social Media such speech incontinence is a norm which is also a reason for disharmony. Every one of us, including the leadership, has to create an atmosphere where civic discipline and restrictions imposed by the law are respected and followed. 

No change is possible without individuals and society both being competent. We need to follow four principles for the necessary systemic modifications based on the idea of ‘Swa’ – clarity about the Swa (our selfhood), unconditional patriotism, individual and collective discipline and unity. Factors like material knowledge, skills, qualifications and a favourable administrative and political atmosphere can work in the desired direction.

This ‘Amrit Mahotsav’ of our national Independence is an occasion to resolve to take Bharat to the pinnacle of its glory. It is a juncture to ponder over the relentless hardship behind this Independence. We need to make similar efforts to adjust the present system as per our Swa.

While continuing with the celebratory enthusiasm, let us accelerate on this path of perseverance, clarity, and determination.

(The author is Sarsanghchalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)

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