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Exploring the Metaverse

Prachi Mishra / New Delhi

Whether in virtual reality or augmented reality, the promise of the metaverse allows a greater overlap of our digital and physical lives. As Zuckerberg has claimed in his keynote address this year, Metavsere will alter conventional reality. The way people make wealth, view productivity, shop, and seek entertainment will all be altered. The Metaverse will be based on freeform reality, where users live and spend time in the virutal world, where they can create their 3D avatars and use objects like cars and houses which can be used to communicate in the Metaverse and interact with others.

Metaverse is based on romantic idealism: a stable, unshakeable system with utter disregard for existing economic predicament, wonders of nature, and resources of the real world.

This primer analyzes the implications of Metaverse on society, psychology of humans, and economic activity in the present day context. It also discusses the ethics of Metaverse, cybersecurity issues that will surface, and the privacy and safety of users in the virtual space.

(Prachi is a research consultant at Centre for Integrated and Holistic Studies.)

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